YMCA TOZANSO is an educational facility designed for conferences, retreats, camps, and other gatherings. It belongs to Young Men’s Christian Association – YMCA, and is committed to promoting people’s well-being worldwide. We engage in making good changes and positive impacts. Our expertise allows us to facilitate various educational activities as a conference center and also as a camp for children and youth.

Who we are

YMCA is founded on the Christian principles and missions. Yet it is not our intention to preach any religious doctrines, but to contribute to public interest based on our commitment as a Christian organization. Tozanso is run by the National Council of YMCAs of Japan and undertakes an important function as an international conference center. Japanese national YMCAs are active in many fields such as Christian movement, sports, camps, early childhood education, languages, hotelier, etc. Tozanso represents crossroads of YMCAs’ movements and projects where various trainings and programs are carried out. We also accommodate international guests and organizations to introduce Japanese culture and the core elements of YMCA movement in Japan. At the same time a strong relationship with the local community is a quintessence of our endeavor and many camps are planned and dedicated for kids and youth in neighboring regions.

Accommodations and Facilities

Tozanso has a capacity to accommodate up to 500 people and to assist conferences in various sizes. Over more than a hundred years we’ve been greeting guests from all around the world with sincere hospitality. All facilities stand neatly in woods and fields, and you can take full advantage of our rich natural environment. From a macro perspective Tozanso nestles on the foot of Mt.Hakone and is surrounded by embracing beauty of green forest. An astonishing view of Mt.Fuji also charms visitors from all parts of Japan and world. We are fortunate to offer this unique geographical ensemble and guarantee an exquisite time away from busy city life.

“Nature Program”: Camps and School Programs

There is a variety of activities available at Tozanso. Our educational and environmental enterprise is called “Nature Program”. The essence of this unique concept is: “One with Nature, one in Nature.” Our goals are: to look up to Nature as teacher and learn in her grace. Another aim is to strengthen humane society by fostering respectful and caring individuals. There are two learning fields waiting us: a familiar environment of Tozanso and untamed Nature of Mt.Fuji. Both fields are full of discovery and adventure, which will remain as life-altering experience.
We launch various camps throughout the year. Some camps are for children who love to play and feel things in Nature. Any little discoveries made in camps nurture a healthy mind and body, and construct important characters.
Educational institutions are our collaborators as well. We have emulated an American educational tradition and developed our own school programs. The purpose of it is to give a camp experience to school classes so that students can get familiar with real things and trained to live in concordance with Nature.


YMCA was established in England back in 1844. In the late 19th century the Christianity was officially granted and disseminated in Japanese society by Western missioners and scholars. The Christian movement found enthusiastic followers among Japanese academic circle. There took place many student gatherings and bible studies. The National Council of YMCAs of Japan was erected in 1903 and took initiative in forming solidarity among Christians. In the early 20th century the demand for a specialized institution for the traditional summer school has increased. In 1915 Tozanso was commissioned and brought into life as YMCA’s conference center. Our mission is to serve and promote Christian teaching cooperatively in the nation. Over a hundred years Tozanso has been accompanying Japanese YMCAs’ progress and development, and hosting various events and conferences with those who found a resonance to YMCA’s mission. In recent years a new educational branch “Nature Program” was developed and is gaining popularity among visitors. Tozanso constantly attempts to strengthen a bond with both the world and the local institutions to make the world into one global community.

Access to Tozanso

Tozanso is within an easy reach from Kanto-region including Tokyo, Yokohama and Saitama. Recommended transportations are the railways (fast/local trains) or the high-ways (cars, chartered or public buses).

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Our front desk is at your service for reservation from 7 to 19 O’clock. The service in English is not always available. It is recommended to write us in advance per email for any further information and questions.

YMCA International Youth Center TOZANSO
Higashiyama 1052, Gotemba Shizuoka 412-0024 [Google Map]
Tel: +81-550-83-1133
Email: tozanso@ymcajapan.org

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