I first came to Japan 14 years ago for business. At that time, I had not dreamed I would be living here for this long. However not before long moved, by the warmth and magnanimity of the people and blessed with many good friends, I found Japan became my second home.

The FCSC “Foreign Community Supporting Committee” is a group of business people and ambassadors in Japan whom have come to love Japan as I have, wishing to give back to the Japanese society. Established in 1958, we work between our businesses to volunteer for children in need.

Over the 14 years of my time in Japan, the country as well as the world has overcome many changes. Even so, Japan has continued to stay rich and at peace. There are many sympathetic Japanese who have concerns to support people in distant countries under danger and in tragedy. However at the same time children with disabilities, undergone violence, hunger, natural disasters, exist here in Japan. There are many children who need support.

Recently, bullied children and young suicides are brought to light. These lives can be saved, children’s growth can be seen and smiles can be returned through creating a place of belonging; places where children can open their hearts and talk about their problems with others under the same conditions. I believe that we foreigners in Japan can make a difference for children in need and through this create an ever better country for the Japanese people. For the better, brighter future of the children and Japan we wish to continue our activities. Together, let us support the future of the children and our country, Japan.


国際賛助会(FCSC:Foreign Community Supporting Committee)は、私と同じように日本を愛するようになった外国人のビジネスパーソンや各国の大使によって、1958年に設立されたボランティア組織です。メンバーは皆、日本の社会に恩返しをしたいと考え、仕事の合間をぬって、日本の子どもたちの支援のためにボランティア活動をしています。