The YMCA Challenged Children Programs support children affected by natural disasters, children with developmental disabilities and physical disabilities. The aim of these programs is for children with difficulty in carrying out daily lives, to find self-confidence and live holistic lives. Challenged Children Programs require sensitive care with the support of many staffs. As these programs are run by donations and proceeds from the charity events, we need as much support as possible. For children to be able to participate in the programs, we ask you for your help.


Situatuion of the Children Participating in the Programs こんな子どもたちがいます

  • Children with difficulty hearing, speaking, reading, and doing active sports at times become isolated in school, become school refusals and neglect to go to school.
  • Developmental disabilities is a disability unauthorized by the government and these children cannot receive the support from the government. It is said there are 2 to 3 children with developmental disabilities in a 40 student class. As this difficulty is not widely recognized, many families and children are suffering today.
  • The financial burden of the families is great as there is not enough national or official support.
  • 聞く、話す、読む、書くなどの領域や、社会性、運動面における困難さを持っていることで、学校で孤立してしまったり、引きこもりや不登校になったりするケースが多い。
  • 特に発達障がいは、障がいの度合いにより、障がい者認定されないケースもある「目に見えにくい障がい」であり、社会の認知も低いため、本人やそのご家族が人知れず苦しんでいることも多い。発達障がいの児童は、40人学級のうち2~3名にのぼるとされている。
  • 国や公的機関の支援も十分でなく、ご家族の負担も大きい。

Our Past Records 私たちはこんな支援をしています<2012年度支援実績>

  • In 2012, the FCSC supported the YMCA Challenged Children Program with 53,071,247JPY.
  • In comparison to the 73,160,903JPY donation to the programs, including the supporting fee from the FCSC, the total cost of the 250 programs were 147,038,598 JPY.
  • The remaining 73,877,695JPY was paid by the participants.
  • FCSCは2012年度、YMCAの「子どもたちの支援プログラム」に対して53,071,247円の支援を行いました。
  • FCSCからの支援を含む寄付金総額73,160,903円に対し、プログラム250件の実施総費用は147,038,598円でした。
  • 不足分の73,877,695円は、参加者にご負担いただいています。
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