The 7th Kagoshima YMCA International Charity Run


The 7th Kagoshima YMCA International Charity Run
◆ November 26, 2016
◆ Venue: Kagoshima prefectural Yoshino Park

The 7th Kagoshima YMCA international charity run 2016 was held under good weather and 159 people per 26 team for 10km relay marathon and 12 people for 1/100 marathon participated. The youngest participant was only 2 years There was participant who came from the distant place of Kumamoto.
We performed a visual impairment experience by cooperation of brand runners’ participation after an opening ceremony and performed an accompaniment experience. 11 couples of visually handicapped runners and accompaniment runners participated in relay marathon. We set three attractions and soup bar by progress with race at the same time and prepared for space to be able to enjoy other than the running. The champion was team of junior high school trio students. Medal and Goods were sent to the championship team.
We carried out a lottery after prize ceremony Kagoshima Yomiuri TV team participated in the event on that day secondary to last year. Their performance is going to broadcast later (air date undecided).


◆場所:鹿児島県立吉野公園 運動芝生広場

好天に恵まれた第7回鹿児島YMCAインターナショナル・チャリティーラン2016は10㎞のリレーマラソンに26チーム159名、1/100マラソンに12名が参加しました。最年少は2歳。遠くは熊本から参加がありました。開会式後ブランドランナーズに協力参加を頂き、視覚障害体験を行い、伴走体験を実施。競技にも11名の視覚障碍者および伴走者がリレーマラソンに参加しました。競技と同時進行で、3つのアトラクションとスープバーを開設し、ランニング以外でも楽しめる空間を準備しました。 優勝は中学生3人組のチーム。優勝チームには三菱賞としてメダルの授与、またキャセイパシフィック賞としてグッズがそれぞれ送られました。表彰式後には抽選会も実施しました。当日は、昨年に引き続き鹿児島読売テレビがチーム参加。この模様が後日放送予定です(放送日未定)。

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◎Asking for the Charity Run National Sub Sponsor

We are in seek of the National Sub Sponsor for the charity run. The run is held in 18 prefectures holding over 10,000 runners and volunteers participating. For a sponsor of 5 million yen, the company logo will be printed on the runner tags.
For more information please contact the FCSC office on 03-5367-6645 or


お問い合わせはFCSC(TEL 03-5367-6645、e-mail )まで。