The 5th Wakayama YMCA International Charity Run


The 5th Wakayama YMCA International Charity Run

Date:May 21, 2017(SUN)
Venue:Wakayama citizen ground
Athletic events:10km run(Male / Female), 4km time race(Male / Female)
4km declaration time race, FunRun
Number of participants:
10km run: 107(Male-79, Female- 28) Support runner-1【Registered 125】
4km time race: 24(6 teams) Support runners 4
4km declaration time race: 34( 9 teams)
FunRun: 24(11 groups)
Volunteers: 135
Visitors:About 70

Although many people cancelled to attend run on the day probably because it was very fine from morning, and weather forecast told that temperature rose, we reported that we could finish the Charity Run without any severe injury or unwell person. We were able to start with friendly atmosphere because we delayed reception desk start time 30 minutes later from this year and each staff have become accustomed to administration, we could do smoothly preparation and did not work busily just before an opening ceremony. We always carried out support fund presentation ceremonies in closing ceremony but we performed it in opening ceremony because many people returned home after the end of charity run immediately then we could not transmit purpose of event then we were able to publicize it to the whole runners. We started “FunRun” from this time for parents and children or persons who were not good at running to be able to participate in the run easily seeking for identify of YMCA. The event got very lively and many people were running with understanding. We carry out more public information from now on and we want to have people of the various generations be conscious of charity.

第5回和歌山YMCAインターナショナル チャリティーラン 

 日 時:2017年5月21日(日)
場 所:和歌山市民グランド

10km            :107名(男79名/女28名)
サポート走者1名 【登録125名】
4kmタイム     : 24名(6チーム)  サポート走者4名
4㎞宣言タイムレース : 34名(9チーム)
FunRun     : 24名(11グループ)
ボランティア数 135名
来場者数:   約70名

朝より大変天気がよく、気温も高くなるとの予報が出たためか、当日不参加され方が多くいましたが、大きな怪我、体調不良者を出すことなく終えることができたことを報告いたします。 今年度より受付開始時間を30分遅らせたこと、各スタッフが運営に慣れてきたこともありスムーズな準備ができ、開会式間際に忙しく動くことが少なく、和やかな雰囲気にてスタートできました。 支援金進呈式をいつも閉会式で行っていましたが、多くが帰宅してしまい、趣旨が見えないために、開会式で行うことでランナー全体に周知することができました。今回より“YMCA”らしさを求め、親子やマラソンが苦手な方々をも参加できるファンランを設置しました。

Asking for Donations ご寄付・ご支援のお願い FCSC Facebook The National Council of YMCAs of Japan 公益財団法人日本YMCA同盟 2013チャリティーラン レポート CC Aid FCSC/YMCA Crowdfunding スマホをかざすだけで募金ができる「かざして募金」 「YMCA / FCSC キッズ・スカラーシップ」にご支援ください

◎Asking for the Charity Run National Sub Sponsor

We are in seek of the National Sub Sponsor for the charity run. The run is held in 18 prefectures holding over 10,000 runners and volunteers participating. For a sponsor of 5 million yen, the company logo will be printed on the runner tags.
For more information please contact the FCSC office on 03-5367-6645 or


お問い合わせはFCSC(TEL 03-5367-6645、e-mail )まで。