The 23rd Nagoya YMCA International Charity Run


The 23rd Nagoya YMCA International Charity Run
◆ November 12, 2016
◆ Venue: Meijyo Park

The 23rd Nagoya YMCA International Charity Run was held on a all clear and fine autumn warm day. Every participants and supporters put up tent or brought in a chair by each company and enjoyed a race in their own way.The youngest participant of the individual race was a kindergarten young child, but everybody did his/her best and were able to finish running.
In the team race, some teams were running dressed in annual disguise , and the disguised team which wore "The package of the cake" got costume Prize this year. A medal was presented to the team of the costume prize. We are pleased to report with thanks that the charity run this year was able to be finished safely.



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◎Asking for the Charity Run National Sub Sponsor

We are in seek of the National Sub Sponsor for the charity run. The run is held in 18 prefectures holding over 10,000 runners and volunteers participating. For a sponsor of 5 million yen, the company logo will be printed on the runner tags.
For more information please contact the FCSC office on 03-5367-6645 or


お問い合わせはFCSC(TEL 03-5367-6645、e-mail )まで。