The 22nd Hiroshima YMCA International Charity Run


The 22nd Hiroshima YMCA International Charity Run
◆ November 23, 2016
◆ Venue: Hiroshima Central Park

Hiroshima YMCA international charity run was held in Hiroshima city central park on November 23 under not perfect clear sky but without worrying about rain. It was held supported by more than 405 participants per 81 teams and 50 volunteers and 200 gallery this year. At the opening ceremony, the greetings of the practice chairperson, a demonstration of AED, meeting attention are  performed. After then “KUMAMON gymnastics” was carried out as worming –up exercise by the wellness staff for the reconstruction aid donation of the Kumamoto earthquake that occurred in April. After a race pork miso soup by Hiroshima Wise men club and Zenzai by Kure Wise men club were served, and participants warmed the cool body. As for the result of the run, the social health and physical education team of the Hiroshima YMCA technical school became championship in the good grade of called declaration time difference only three seconds Finally earnings list was handed the chief director of the public interest foundation by a meeting practice chairperson and closed the curtain of the event. The circle of the participants of the event spread year by year and numbers of supporting Companies, Group, individual is increasing.
We think that we ask support from now so that we can make the society where every people can live together through approving purpose of charity run by every participants
and circle of the participants of the event spreading more.






2016年11月23日(祝)すっきりとした秋晴れとはいきませんでしたが、雨の心配もなく、広島YMCAインターナショナル・チャリティーランが、広島市中央公園にて開催されました。 今年で22回目を迎えるこの大会は、各自が日々の健康に感謝し、仲間と共にYMCA で行われている障がいのある子ども達の活動( 野外活動やスポーツ活動)を支援をするために始まった大会です。 その後のウォーミングアップでは、熊本出身の柊﨑(くきざき)スタッフとウエルネススタッフによる「くまもん体操」が実施され、4月に発生しました熊本地震の復興支援募金を呼びかけました。


Asking for Donations ご寄付・ご支援のお願い FCSC Facebook The National Council of YMCAs of Japan 公益財団法人日本YMCA同盟 2013チャリティーラン レポート CC Aid FCSC/YMCA Crowdfunding スマホをかざすだけで募金ができる「かざして募金」 「YMCA / FCSC キッズ・スカラーシップ」にご支援ください

◎Asking for the Charity Run National Sub Sponsor

We are in seek of the National Sub Sponsor for the charity run. The run is held in 18 prefectures holding over 10,000 runners and volunteers participating. For a sponsor of 5 million yen, the company logo will be printed on the runner tags.
For more information please contact the FCSC office on 03-5367-6645 or


お問い合わせはFCSC(TEL 03-5367-6645、e-mail )まで。