The 12th Tochigi YMCA International Charity Run

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The 12th Tochigi YMCA International Charity Run

◆Date:June 25th , 2017(SUN)
◆Venue:Tochigi General Athletic Park
◆Number of Participants:
Number of Team:58 teams
Number of Runner:380
Number of Volunteer Stuff:313
Total Number of Participants:830

Though it was unstable weather as the baiu front moved up to the north, weather went to recovery after we decided the event enforcement time at 6:00, then rain stopped and part of blue sky appeared occasionally when the run was opened by a powerful player oath. Total 830 people (58 teams In cord relay, 97 runners in stamp rally, and 313 volunteer staffs) participated in the 12th Tochigi YMCA International Charity Run.  The Tochigi YMCA International Charity Run that everybody gather with each purpose and each thought to aim at V2 or to enjoy the run becomes one of the important events as All Tochigi . Children who run alongside of their father and mother while cheering, visually handicapped runner that showed a stable run while keeping their pace with person of accompaniment, people give a big cheer to runners who were running hard while keeping balance with both hands. We offer our sincere thanks for supports of all participants, volunteers, and other supporters.


◆会 場: 栃木県総合運動公園

梅雨前線の北上に伴い不安定な天候ではありましたが、大会実施を6時に決定するとお天気は回復に向かい、力強い選手宣誓で開会される頃には 雨は上がり時折晴れ間が出るようになりました。 第12回とちぎYMCAチャリティーランはたすきリレー58チームスタンプラリー参加者97人・ボランティア313人の総勢830人が参加しました。『V2狙います』『楽しみます』等、各々の思いと共に皆が一つの目的に向かい集うチャリティーランは《オールとちぎ》としての重要なイベントの一つになっています。お父さん、お母さんの走る横を応援しながら走る子どもたち、伴走者と共に自分のペースを保ちながら安定した走りを見せた視覚障害のランナー、両手でバランスを保ちながら懸命に走るランナーに大きな声援を送る人たち、皆がいい顔をしていました。参加された皆さま、会場ボランティアの皆さま、ご支援いただいたすべての皆さまに感謝申し上げます。

Asking for Donations ご寄付・ご支援のお願い FCSC Facebook The National Council of YMCAs of Japan 公益財団法人日本YMCA同盟 2013チャリティーラン レポート CC Aid FCSC/YMCA Crowdfunding スマホをかざすだけで募金ができる「かざして募金」 「YMCA / FCSC キッズ・スカラーシップ」にご支援ください

◎Asking for the Charity Run National Sub Sponsor

We are in seek of the National Sub Sponsor for the charity run. The run is held in 18 prefectures holding over 10,000 runners and volunteers participating. For a sponsor of 5 million yen, the company logo will be printed on the runner tags.
For more information please contact the FCSC office on 03-5367-6645 or


お問い合わせはFCSC(TEL 03-5367-6645、e-mail )まで。