Update on August 29, 2014

August 29, 2014

Activity by Morioka YMCA Miyako Volunteer Center
High school students in Miyako and Kobe shared their thoughts with each other 
On August 15, Miyako Volunteer Center hosted six students from Rokko High School in Kobe city, and supported them to interact with high school students in Miyako city, Miyagi Prefecture. By playing games, the students gradually became comfortable with each other, and shared their memories of 3.11 as well as their stories of the volunteer work which they are presently taking part in.

Activities by Sendai YMCA
Sendai YMCA supported the volunteer work of vocational college students at nursing home
From August 19 to 21, Sendai YMCA hosted the students of Wakayama YMCA International Welfare Vocational College, and guided them to the areas affected by the earthquake in Miyagi and Fukushima Prefecture. The students visited nursing homes in Yamotocho and Ishinomaki city, and spent time together with the residents. By making use of their skills for care, they gave the residents hand and foot bath treatment, which were greatly pleased together with their ocarina performance. 
Activity by YMCA Ishinomaki Support Center
Middle and high school students from the US visited Ishinomaki for cultural exchange
Middle and high school students from Virginia, USA visited Ishinomaki city, Miyagi Prefecture from July 30 to August 2, supported by Taylor Anderson Memorial Fund. Taylor Anderson, who lost her life by 3.11 tsunami, was an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) in Ishinomaki, and wished to serve as a bridge between Japan and the US. while alive. Taylor's former students in Ishinomaki, who respect her will had visited her home country in summer 2012, and it was the sons and daughters of their host families, who visited Japan this time. They enjoyed their reunion, and spend memorable time together.

High school students in Miyako and Kobe shared their thoughts and stories
Hand and foot bath treatment were given to the nursing home residents in Miyagi
American students spent memorable time in Ishinomaki