Update on July 30, 2014

July 30, 2014

Activity by Morioka YMCA Miyako Volunteer Center
■YMCA Summer Camp Orientation Meeting in Miyako
YMCA summer camp orientation meeting was held in Miyako church on July 20th. In spite of the bad weather and that it has already been three years since YMCA started the relief work in Miyako, as many as 70 children and their parents gathered and participated the meeting.

Activities by Sendai YMCA
■Sendai YMCA Invited Schoolchildren to the Summer Camp Program
From July 28th to 30th, Sendai YMCA invited 17 schoolchildren from Kosugo Elementary School in Shiraishi city to its regular summer camp program, held in Kurihara city, Miyagi. Within Miyagi prefecture, Shiraishi city is located  nearest to Fukushima, and up to this day, Sendai YMCA has hosted the summer camp for the children of Kosugo Elementary School for three times, aiming to provide them relaxed and enjoyable time in a place full of nature. As a next step, Sendai YMCA invited the children to its regular camp program this time, hoping that it would be a good chance for them to meet new friends and have new experiences. 

Activity by YMCA Ishinomaki Support Center
■Middle and High-School Students from the US Helped to Make a Flowerbed in Temporary Housing
Middle and High-School Students from BCCYMCA in the US is now visiting Tochigi YMCA in Japan as a summer camp program. From July 14th to 16th, they visited Ishinomaki, and participated in the volunteer work to make a flowerbed in temporary housing. Weeding is laborious work, especially for the old inhabitants in this season, and the students' devoted work was appreciated by many inhabitants. The students also sang English song for the inhabitants and they spend memorable time together.


70 people attended YMCA summer camp orientation meeting in Miyako
Schoolchildren in Shiraishi City enjoyed outing to the riverside, outdoor cooking, campfire etc. at Sendai YMCA summer camp program.
Studensts fromt the US made a flowerbed in Ishinomaki temporary housing