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Update on November 20, 2013

November 20, 2013

Activity by Morioka YMCA Miyako Volunteer Center
-Live performance at the temporary houses
On November 3, a singer from Tokyo had live performances for the people at the temporary housings at Dai-ni Junior High School, Nakazato and Atago areas in Miyako. He sang songs from the 1950s to 1980s. About 15 people gathered at the venues, and enjoyed listening to the oldies of Japan. The Children, on the other hand, were playing plunking with the YMCA's childcare workers and the local junior high school students at the "game corner" outside the meeting hall during the live sessions. 

Activity by YMCA Ishinomaki Support Center
-Support for the oyster farming industry continues in Ishinomaki City
From October 22 to 25, the Ishinomaki YMCA Support Center conducted the support work for the oyster farming industry which has continued since this summer in Ishinomaki City. This time, the volunteers helped to remove the barnacles and seaweed on the shells of the oysters. In this area, the workshops to remove the shells has not been recovered yet, so the fishers need to ship the oysters with the shells at the moment. Anyway, manual work is needed to remove the barnacles and seaweed. During the support work, more than 1000 oyeters were cleaned.

Activity in other areas
-"Refresh Family Program" for the families from Fukushima
On October 19, a "Refresh Family Program" for the families who evacuated from Fukushima was held at a farm. The participants harvested the green soybeans they sowed in June. The children, surrounded by autumnal things, played with Japanese pampas grass and picked up chestnuts . The participants learned how to harvest the soybeans with hands and special scissors and did by themselves. The adults as well as the children are all surprised because more beans harvested than they had expected. For the children and the parents or guardians who live in Kobe with a little different environment from their hometown in Fukushima, this program made them feel the nature and enjoy meeting new people and reunite the friends.

Program in cooperation with a private company
-Mitsubishi Corporation-YMCA Friendship Camp 
From November 2 to 4, the Mitsubishi Corporation- YMCA Friendship Camp, "Refresh Camp" for the parents and children were held at the International Youth Center, Tozanso in Gotemba, Shizuoka. Most of the participants were from Iwaki, Fukushima. The people who participated this kind of camp for the first time said that it had been difficult for those who evacuate outside Fukushima by their own will to join the camp, so they were glad to be able to participate in this camp.

Listening to the oldies performed by a singer from Tokyo (Miyako)
Volunteers removing the seaweed on the shell of the oysters (Ishinomaki)
Harvesting green soybeans sowed in June (Kobe YMCA Refresh Family Program)
Most of the participants were originally from Iwaki, Fukushima (Mitsubishi Corporation- YMCA Friendship Camp)