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Update on October 23, 2013

October 23, 2013

Activities by Morioka YMCA Miyako Volunteer Center
-The Volunteers from Seattle visited the temporary houses
On October 7 and 8, the staff members at Miyako Volunteer Center made a visit to the Nitake Temporary Housings and the Dai-ni Junior High School Temporary Housings with the volunteers from Seattle. They enjoyed learning Japanese culture by doing some calligraphy.

-Children attempted to climb Mt. Kabuto-myojin-dake
On October 12, a day camp activity for the children in Miyako called Adventure Club was held. They attempted to climb Mt. Kabuto-myojin-dake which is located in the inland area, Kuzakai Kogen Height, but it was rainy on the day. Although they had to give up reaching the summit due to the bad weather, they enjoyed the outdoor activity. 

Activities by YMCA Ishinomaki Support Center
-Support activity for the after-school programs for the elementary school pupils in Ishinomaki
YMCA Ishinomaki Support Center continues to send youth volunteers to the after school programs in Ishinomaki since the summer of 2012. After the disaster, the environment around children at home and at school has changed and that made more the after-school programs necessary. The city government decided to raise the age of children who can use the facility, and many children have to be on the waiting list. This summer, YMCA Ishinomaki Support Center, in cooperation with the Ishinomaki City Hall, has sent 48 volunteers in total to the 8 municipal after-school programs.

-YMCA Singing Saloon 
On October 3, YMCA Singing Saloon was held in Onagawa Town, Miyagi Prefecture. This was the second session at the gathering hall of Asahigaoka Housing Complex since June 2013. This area located on a hill had not been directly affected by the tsunami, but four sets of temporary housings were built within the sites.
The Singing Saloon at Asahigaoka Housing Complex created a bond between the original habitants and those who live in the temporary housing, and also contribute to build up the new community with all of the inhabitants.

The Volunteers from Seattle enjoyed Japanese calligraphy in Miyako
The participants of the Adventure Club went to Mt. Kabuto-myojin-dake (Miyako Volunteer Center)
More and more children in Ishinomaki come to the after-school sessions
The YMCA Singing Saloon contributes to connect the habitants of the Housing Complex in Onagawa, Miyagi