Update on August 23, 2013

August 23, 2013

Activities by Morioka YMCA Miyako Volunteer Center
-A cooking class at a temporary housing
On August 6, "Healthy Cooking Class" was held at Kanan Temporary Housing in cooperation with the students at the Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing. The students introduced the elderly how to make some side dishes in small portion by using microwave oven.

-Swimming classes at an elementary school
From August 8 to 12, swimming classes were held for 31 pupils at Tsugaruishi Elementary School. Not only the YMCA staff and youth volunteers, but also the students at Iwate Prefectural Miyako High School joined as volunteers and taught them how to swim. Those five days were filled with many volunteers' and children's smiles.

Activities by Sendai YMCA
-Summer Camp for Elementary School Students in Shiroishi City
From July 29 to 31, a summer camp as a refreshment program for the disaster-affected children was held at Appi Kogen, Iwate Prefecture supported by JCCCNC (The Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California). 41 pupils at Kosugou Elementary School, Shiroishi City, Miyagi Prefecture and 12 YMCA youth volunteers and staff members from all around Japan participated. They enjoyed seeing the panoramic scenery from cable car, exploring in the woods, fishing rainbow trouts in the fishing pond etc and had a leisurelytime surrounded by greenery.

-Junior soccer players from Yamamoto Town were invited to YMCA camp
From July 31 to August 2, an annual Sendai YMCA Soccer Camp was held at Togei no Sato Sport Park, Kami County, Miyagi Prefecture. This year, in addition to 29 elementary school students from Sendai and 6 members from Uijeongbu YMCA, Korea, we invited 13 children of "Yamamoto JFC", a club in Yamamoto Town, Watari County, Miyagi Prefecture which was devastated by tsunami. Since there is no big ground suitable for soccer games in Yamamoto Town, the children usually practice at a vacancy of 10m x 20m. They ran around kicking the ball on the ground covered with natural turf during the camp.

Students at College of Nursing introducing how to cook simple side dishes with nutrient balance- Kanan Temporary Housing, Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture
Youth volunteers teaching children how to swim well - Tsugaruishi Elementary School, Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture
Children are waiting for the rainbow trouts which were caught by themselves to be grilled - Appi Kogen, Iwate Prefecture
The Children enjoyed the three-day camp playing soccer on natural turf -Togei no Sato Sport Park